New Beginnings

A little over a year ago, I closed the doors to my nutrition practice in Denver, Colorado as my husband and I went through a significant transition in life. Today, I am excited to announce that

Restorative Nutrition, LLC is being re-launched!

Its new mission: to work with patients who need healing and HOPE for the health of their bodies. Restorative Nutrition is integrative nutrition counseling for any and all health conditions, especially inflammatory conditions, autoimmune diseases, fatigue, gut dysfunction, and more.  

Jesus wants to make us whole. He delights to heal. Sometimes healing and restoration happen rather quickly, but often it is a journey... one on which Jesus wants to partner with each of us. He gives us science and knowledge to utilize, but He also gives us His Spirit so that we can hear what He is saying for each of us personally. What is He asking us to do and what is He asking us NOT to do? The process and journey should be full of His peace. It should empower and strengthen us.

Our lives should be enhanced by food, not controlled by it. Food is supposed to be a blessing and a delight; not a source of frustration or anxiety. It is meant to be something that unifies us with others as we share meals together; not something that divides us because of dietary restrictions. God has so much goodness and delight He wants us to have in how we eat... AND... He wants YOU to feel good, energized, and no longer sick. This is just one piece of the abundant life He has purchased for us.

Our journey is our own and will not look like anyone else's. We are unique creations, with unique needs that God wants to speak into. If you need help, hope, and restoration for your health, please contact me. Let's pursue all that God has for you together, and not settle for anything less that His best.

All consultations can be done via phone or video conferencing. For those in the Redding, California area, consults can also be done in person.