Laura launched Restorative Nutrition, LLC in 2010 with the simple goal of restoring people’s health and giving them their lives back.  Her desire is to see God’s people set free to be able to pursue everything He has called them to.   Restorative Nutrition offers personalized nutrition counseling and nutrition education focused on wisdom and HOPE, identifying what your body needs, and balancing it with reality.

Laura uses a “functional medicine” approach to nutrition.  This focuses on restoring the body, as a whole, to achieve optimal functioning in every organ system.  It takes into consideration each person’s diet, lifestyle, environment, and genetic factors, as well as emotional, mental and spiritual components, all of which have the ability to influence short and long term health. 

Restorative Nutrition specializes in:

Hearing God’s wisdom for YOUR health

  • Medical Nutrition Therapy

  • Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition

  • Gastrointestinal “Gut” Health

  • Autoimmune Diseases

  • Other Miscellaneous Health Problems (ie. Chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, immune deficiencies, headaches, migraines, GERD or reflux, IBS or irritable bowel syndrome, Candida overgrowth, gut dysbiosis, and just simply “feeling blah”)

  • Nutrigenomics

  • MicroNutrient Testing – Identifying and Correcting Nutrient Deficiencies

  • Food Sensitivity Testing (MRT - Mediator Release Test)

Laura can also be hired for speaking engagements, educating larger populations on nutrition that focuses on hope, wisdom and freedom under the authority of Jesus.